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Hotel was not clean. I have pictures of the room

Data di pubblicazione: 2-nov-2014
Behind the night stands was dirt, cob webs and debris. The windows , front of refrigerator, microwave, had filth on it.
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di un viaggiatore verificatoda Augusta

Don't stay!

Data di pubblicazione: 4-set-2014
People using drugs outside my room. Not a good wholesome place for fillies to stay.
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Travelodge Augusta

Data di pubblicazione: 1-ago-2014 su
Its an ok hotel. Looks better on inside than outside. The rooms are clean with warm water and cold air conditioning. At times, some of the other patrons argue and fight outside your room and the police is called. I stay at this hotel frequently because I am a travel nurse.
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di un viaggiatore verificato

Questo viaggiatore ha solo assegnato un punteggio Data di pubblicazione: 18-giu-2014 su
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di Justinda Grove Town

Sketchy, but cheap.

Data di pubblicazione: 1-giu-2014
The hotel was very shady looking, very run down. There was trash all over the parking lot, stacks of old mattresses on the side of the building and open dumpsters. Good note, the beds were comfortable, and the AC (which was off before we got in the room) cooled the room down from about 90 to 75 in less than 5 hours.
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di JLRda Hernando, FL

Data di pubblicazione: 28-apr-2014 su
We stayed at his motel for 10 days while working. The location is sketchy at best. Lots of girls in and out of cars and everything that goes with that. Fortunately nothing was stolen from our truck but I feel we got lucky on that note. After about a week of our room only being vacuumed once, I asked one of the maids if I could borrow the vacuum to do it myself. She told me they already had a vacuum missing in one of the rooms that she needed to do it herself, but that never happened. The water would only go either burning scalding hot or cold until my uncle went up and ranted about it. We literally talked to someone that had been burned on their side from their water temp settings. Aside from that, it was close to where we needed to go and the beds are comfortable. For the price I don't think you can really find anything less shady in this area, but it may be worth spending an extra ten a night if you can't tolerate being around the aforementioned groups of people. Plenty of restaurants and stores within a 15 minute drive. Oh, and their washer and dryer don't work. There are laundromats close by though.
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di D Nisbetda Canada

What a disaster.

Data di pubblicazione: 14-apr-2014 su
We were there for the Masters and had four rooms for the event and if it was not for the convenience to the Augusta National Golf Course this hotel was a disaster. It is too bad that the hotel industry uses this event to price their rooms out of site. Our $250.00 room is back to $50.00 today and even that is too much. Next time I will spend more time looking before selecting a hotel. The sink leaked in our room and their fix was to vacume the carpet with a shop-vac and put towels over the carpet while we were there. The screw on the handle of the shower faucet fell off (I fixed this myself) and we have NO idea where the water on the floor came from but this hotel should be bulldozed. One room had a partial roll of toilet paper (we went an bought our own) and our room had a light bulb over the vanity burnt out which we had to take to the office to get replaced. The pictures on their website looked good but I would never stay there again. The staff were helpful but had nothing to work with. When consistency is the prime motivator for any franchisor, Travelodge should be ashamed to have their name on a place like this. I will never stay in another Travelodge again.
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di dj

Questo viaggiatore ha solo assegnato un punteggio Data di pubblicazione: 22-mar-2014 su
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di kiakendda Maryland

NOT as Bad as it Looks

Data di pubblicazione: 17-mar-2014
This hotel appears to be a "fleabag" with people hanging out outside and its older appearance but the staff was very friendly and helpful and the room was surprisingly clean. It was relatively quiet at night even though it appeared that several residents actually lived there. I did have a problem with the wireless but the front desk person came down to help and realized he had given me wrong network name. problem solved.
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di kemy

Very old hotel

Data di pubblicazione: 12-nov-2013
I pro: nothing at all! I asked for 1 bed and got 2, smoke room insread of non-smoking.. The photos were not recent. Shower was not really cleaned.
I contro: the service, quality of rooms, and cleanliness
Posizione: Near many restaurants and not far from mall.
I did not have a great experience.