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di un viaggiatore verificato da Traveler, USA

RUN!!!! Camping is a better accommodation .

Data di pubblicazione: 15-ott-2016
Pro: Nada, nothing
Contro: Everything
Posizione: Spend the money and stay in Asheville. Don't ruin your vacation coming back to this dump.
Look, it's a Super 8 so I had no huge expectations. BUT there are some basics. Like a clean bathroom. I wasn't expecting the Plaza but I was expecting to get into the shower without slipping on the scum. I was expecting a fridge in working order. I was expecting some kind of cleanliness. It was disgusting, and the attitude of the 'manager' was worse. When I told him I almost slipped and fell in the tub on the scum he shrugged his shoulders and said nothing. First morning in years I didn't take a shower the day I left. JUST RUN. These franchised places are not consistent but I am done with Super 8. Now I am post op with a back fusion and rods in my back. If I had slipped it would have been disastrous for me (AND THE OWNERS)
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Sarasota, FL

only place to stay

Data di pubblicazione: 4-ott-2016
Pro: The waffle maker was a plus.
Contro: The keys for the door locks definitely are not working well.
Posizione: The town of Black Mountain is an awesome little town to spend a couple days at.
We were trying to stay in Asheville where our flight was leaving from but there was a festival going on and all the hotels were booked. The closest place was Black Mountain, what a great little town. So we were stuck with this Super 8 and it was overpriced. The magnetic strip keys had to be reset 3 times, fortunately we only left the room 3 times and yes it was a second floor room so up and down to get the keys reset. The TV stopped working and we were told that the chip in the TV's go bad. You could smell smoke in the bathroom in a non-smoking room, not sure if was from the room next door or it was in the bathroom fan vent or what. The good news is they do have a waffle maker for breakfast.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Atlanta, GA

Class reunion

Data di pubblicazione: 3-ott-2016
Pro: Convenience to my alma mata and to a nice Mexican restaurant. I also liked the staff members.
Contro: Tone down the deodorizer! It was a non smoking room so I don't understand why it needs any deodorizer.
Posizione: Near downtown Black Mountain that has lots of shops , restaurants and bars. Within minutes of Montreat, North Carolina home to Montreat College.
I had a junior college class reunion in Montreat, North Carolina and wanted to stay at a hotel near there. The price was very reasonable and the staff was very friendly and the room was clean although a little heavy on the deodorizer. It had a large flat screen tv, microwave oven and refrigerator. I will definitely stay there again.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Durham, NC

Close to Montreat College

Data di pubblicazione: 2-ott-2016
The staff was nice and friendly. The condition of the hotel was terrible. There were stains in the sheet, the smell of the carpet was nasty, and the breakfast choices are limited. I saw a few dead bugs on & under the air conditioning system.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Sunset Beach, NC

Great place to stay with Dogs! Great Reception.

Data di pubblicazione: 25-set-2016
Pro: Clean. Great location close to Asheville
Contro: Faucet in vanity needs to be stabilized.
Posizione: 15 miles to asheville. Beautiful town of Black Mountain.
Clean and comfortable. Nice dog walking area with age. Great front desk person.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Cape Coral Fl


Data di pubblicazione: 16-set-2016
Pro: My refund for the second day through Expedia
Contro: An american owner
Posizione: Nice quaint town
Sceaming vulgarity for over 10 minutes outside of our room ,old grinds left in coffee pot, bath room filthy and unacceptable Room very smelly and stagnet without door open or ac on full blast. That was first time at Super 8 and definitly the last.
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di un viaggiatore verificato

Not a good experience

Data di pubblicazione: 29-ago-2016
The staff was not welcoming and acted like they were bothered when we would ask a question. The hotel was smelly and the shower tub was broken.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Michigan

Nice Mountain view

Data di pubblicazione: 25-ago-2016
Great bed, air conditioning and nice view. The room was a little molding and I wasn't able to get up in time for breakfast because the bed was so comfortable. The town of Black Mountain is beautiful.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Michigan


Data di pubblicazione: 15-ago-2016
Pro: Price and close proximity to my reason for being there.
Contro: New carpet, fixtures, appliances and paint would be nice.
Posizione: In Smokey Mountains. Has a great Hardware/General Store with old time toys. Hiking trails. Close to Billy Graham school & Community of the Cross.
Dated, older building. Coffee pot didn't work and office personnel did not volunteer to fix it or replace it. Fixtures older, but worked. Flat screen TV. Nice dresser. Afraid to use hair dryer. It got so hot that I could see the coils, and it smelled like it was over heating when I tried to use it. Very weak air stream on any level. Shower ok. Towels ok. Iron and board in room, as well as microwave and fridge. Both worked.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Atlanta, GA

absolutely terrible

Data di pubblicazione: 9-ago-2016
Pro: i hated every single thing
Contro: literally everything
Posizione: there is nothing to do here
this hotel is the absolute worst. and so is expedia. I show up at 11 am and am told my room is not ready and to come back at 1 pm. ok fine. i was in town for an event, and knew i wouldn't be checking in until much later at this point. the hotel calls me once at 5pm to tell me my credit card isn't working. funny - i did not give them any credit card information NOR did i give expedia any credit card information as i chose the pay at the hotel option. From what the extremely incompetent expedia customer service told me was that they pulled a card i used last time. nope, they didn't tell me, or ask me or anything. so of course the card is expired, hence why i chose the pay at the hotel option. the hotel called me one time at 5 pm, in the middle of my event and left me a voicemail. expedia made no effort to contact me whatsoever. I finally arrive at the hotel at 3 am to be told by an extremely rude front desk attendant that they gave my room away. "we called you once and you didn't answer" and we have no rooms left for you. so expedia and super 8 left me stranded in the middle of the night, 4 hours from home. I called expedia and the customer service rep told me there was nothing she can do for me, and its too late. what great service, there is nothing i can do for you. i can't believe no one in this whole situation apologized or explained the process to me of why they pulled an expired credit card after i chose pay at the hotel and did not provide my information.