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Data di pubblicazione: 20-nov-2016
料理の質が良くレストラン、バーがすごくよい ローケーションもよいが、スパはゲストに無料開放しても良いとおもう wifi はpublicエリアのみ無料開放してます
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di Victor W C da Hong Kong

Staying at ritz carlton is a bad call

Data di pubblicazione: 15-ago-2016 su Hotels
The desk light was broken when we arrived. We complained for 3 times and still it was not fixed. finally we gave up and it was not fixed at all when we left. And worse is, we had gifts being delivered to the hotel. and one of them was lost and it took awhile "searching" the hotel until it was recovered. Bad neighbourhood. so many drunk and homeless people around the chinatown t station
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Chicago

Data di pubblicazione: 12-ago-2016
Pro: Linen and towels
Contro: Carpet in the room old
The room and accommodation should cost not more then $300, but not $600 they charged
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Rio de Janeiro

Not what you expect when you think Ritz-Carlton

Data di pubblicazione: 10-ago-2016
Nice accomodations and settings for a good 4-star hotel but overall not an unforgetable experience. At the high rates charged, one would expect free wi-fi or free use of the gym, none of which is available. Also, no newspaper was offered to be delivered to the room, even though I had no difficulty in getting one when asking during the morning. Room service was somehow disappointing when I ordered an ice cream that was described on the menu as a sundae and delivered as an off-the-shelf Haagen-Daaz cup. Also, $5 charge for the delivery in the room, something you don't find in many places of this level. Definitely not what you would expect when booking a Ritz-Carlton stay, especially with the price tag that comes with it. There are many other options as good as this one on much lower rates.
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di Tahl

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di Esin

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di un viaggiatore verificato da New York

Not so ritzy

Data di pubblicazione: 2-mag-2016
Pro: Friendly staff.
Contro: Air conditioning vent can be improved to not blow right on the bed and no continuously and loudly going on and off.
I was surprised that I didn't have a great night at a Ritz Hotel. Normally they are uniformly excellent, but I'm afraid to say the Boston Ritz is not one I would recommend. The room was very noisy, you could hear everyone talking right in the hallway, and the air conditioning vent was so noisy and kept going on and off throughout the night and it blew right on us. I ended up sleeping on the floor to avoid the air conditioning blowing on us. Also, to a minor extant, in this day and age of free wifi the Ritz charged $12.95 per day which we felt like we were being "nickel and dimed".
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di grant

the Ritz

Data di pubblicazione: 21-mar-2016 su Hotels
2 nights in Boston
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di Koji

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di Not Provided da Suburban Bostonite

Not the Ritz experience. We won't be back.

Data di pubblicazione: 22-dic-2015 su Hotels
Doesn't feel like a Ritz. Almost like it's a temporary space until they can create a real Ritz. Lobby is a cramped hallway, restaurant is substandard (breakfast was so "meh" that we skipped on second day even though we pre-paid for it), room was large but no character or charm -- like a big airport hotel. Most of the staff felt like the usual high quality, but also misses here (I was opening front door for people because doormen weren't). Needs a lot of work.