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A good value for the price.

Data di pubblicazione: 20-nov-2016
The room met all my needs and the staff was good. If one wants Hampton Inn accomodations, he has to pay Hampton Inn prices. The "courtesy breakfast" is a joke, but Mc Donalds serves breakfast two blocks away.
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TravelLodge-Nicer Places to Stay For A Few $ More

Data di pubblicazione: 31-ott-2016
Pro: Easy access to all activities.
Contro: Hallways and elevator were very dirty and weren't cleaned while we were there. Limited parking in a lighted area.
Posizione: Located close to all activities and restaurants. Only a few miles from Old Folsom and many shopping centers.
Room is very small with one queen size bed that was hard to move around and pass the dresser and TV at the foot. Bathroom was adequate. Cleaning folks were there daily and did a fairly good job. This room had a small fridge and microwave that worked well. We only slept there, and was adequate enough for our visit with relatives. We will pick a better place next time for a few more dollars a night.
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neglected and poor service in my experience

Data di pubblicazione: 31-ott-2016
Pro: nearby restaurants were cheap and very good food
Contro: the attitude of employees referring to quality in housekeeping, I consider it indispensable msa, if it is something that is already paid.
Posizione: places that are around are good
Overall the room meets what is needed, but should improve their service regarding the cleanliness of the rooms as sometimes is annoying if hard several days that the correct service can not provide
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poor service, my room was dirty

Data di pubblicazione: 27-ott-2016
Pro: parking
Contro: could improve the cleanliness and the breakfast only get very little coffee and juice very little that is not a breakfast
Posizione: It has good restaurants across the street, everything nearby walmart 5 minutes
lacks much improve their housekeeping staff not complete cleaning if they are and if they come are very careless not let you towels, soap or paper, know that many times you carry those things in your suitcase, but is part of service
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the habiataciones are good, the service does not

Data di pubblicazione: 27-ott-2016
Posizione: the town is well in front you have a jr carls and a rich restaurant called Perkos prices are accessible
the hotel was fine as far as it goes, but people cleaning if they were to enter the room they would not let paper, and you had to ask, in my case when I received the room the bed had cigarette ashes, and it showed that no it had been cleaned well, in the 5 days I was only 1 time I got toilet paper and twice changed my towels was a trip of friends and not just happened to me, also in the other two rooms that were paid had that luck does not bother me having to ask for things but not treated you well cleaning people to ask, which made me unfair since you paid for a service.
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Travelodge review

Data di pubblicazione: 25-ott-2016
Pro: It was cheap. It was located close to the freeway.
Contro: It was old and rundown. Cigarette butts everywhere. Suspect people hanging around
Posizione: Close to nothing. There was the airfield and offices nearby that's it
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di un viaggiatore verificato da New Orleans, La.

The Travelodge at Rancho Cordova

Data di pubblicazione: 17-ott-2016
Pro: The staff are very nice and courteous and they remember their frequent customers like myself.
Contro: Sketchy people living in the hotel; appliances not working properly and the wi-fi not working properly.
Posizione: Besides the drive in movie theater and an indoor go-cart racing center, there isn't too much to do in the Rancho Cordova area.
I have been to this hotel before and for the price, it's affordable for a single man like myself that's staying for more than five days. It isn't the best looking or the best smell wise plus the sketchy type people that stay there from time to time but I make the best of it. The staff, now that they've seen me a few times, are very helpful and courteous and I'm appreciative of that. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for so you cannot expect to have a five star hotel when you're only paying 40-45 dollars a night.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Elk Grove CA 95624

I felt that travel lodge could offer there guest r

Data di pubblicazione: 15-ott-2016
Posizione: Well the location was great. Near drive-in. Near local eating places. Gas station and banking.
My room was okay. I enjoyed the service. Hotel staff was guest friendly. I felt they should offer there guest there guest if they stay two nights. They get one night free. The only problem I did have was there wasn't a lot of towels or tolietries. Plus my room had hot and warm water.
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Data di pubblicazione: 30-set-2016
Only stayed for one night. Something kept biting me. Maybe a mosquito? Wasn't bed bugs tho. Thin walls.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da visalia, ca

Decent hotel.

Data di pubblicazione: 26-set-2016
Hotel on the outside looked really nice and cute as my gf said so. We got then at 2:51 and check in was at three tried to check in and the staff told me I couldn't check in until after 3:20 p.m. The elevator was really sketchy and I really don't like elevators but this one scared me to get on. The ice machine didn't work you had to ask for ice up front and only gave you a little, the ice was from a bag you buy at a gas station. The bed was either really comfortable or I was really tired. The room was in decent shape but the restroom lacked on maintance. Hey you get what you pay for right?