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Check in is at 4pm

Data di pubblicazione: 24-apr-2016
4pm is too late for a check in. THis is a pricey hotel. 4pm check in means you arent even in room 24 hrs. They wanted to charge for a 2 hour early check in.
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Data di pubblicazione: 23-apr-2016
Kids enjoyed the. Pool area and outdoors fire good location
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Nice hotel

Data di pubblicazione: 20-apr-2016
Pro: Cheap
Contro: Nothing
Posizione: Funk zone. Wharf.
Great value. Got to use the ammenties of the Hyatt at half the cost.
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Nice room but fairly noisy.

Data di pubblicazione: 26-mar-2016
Good location. Nice room. Needs guide for tv. No view. Comfortable bed. Great shower. Near ice machine. Curtain needs hemming.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Montreal

Santa Barbara House

Data di pubblicazione: 8-mar-2016
Santa Barbara House is a secondary building located a few streets back from the main hotel and is just next to the train tracks and the highway. The rooms are recently renovated but the building is quite old and the corridor and elevator smell like old moisture and mold. I was really disappointed with the quality for a Hyatt.
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Don't judge this booking by its cover!

Data di pubblicazione: 3-mar-2016
Hotel page on Expedia made it look like a beach front resort type. A picture of a cozy pool and all. I can pay a little more for that of course. But upon check in the room was a mile away from the pool and was totally disconnected from main hotel and beach front. I was really disappointed.
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Met up to my expectations.

Data di pubblicazione: 27-feb-2016
Was in Santa Barbara for a wedding and this place was close. Decent price, near the beach, and all the amenities. Liked the complimentary water in the room and the big bed. Also a good sized tv and nice wifi reception. The shower head was glorious as well. The room was impeccable and kept up by Beatrice (sp). When I got there, I wasn't sure of check in procedures, which are done at the Hyatt front desk down the block and that was a little offputting but once I was checked in, the weekend was a breeze. The front desk staff neglected to tell me how much I was being charged for incidentals ($50/night), so I was a little surprised to find that out of my account, but it was all good after that.
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Not What I Expected

Data di pubblicazione: 26-feb-2016
Pro: Location to the water (although as a single woman traveling didn't feel safe going on a nighttime walk to the beach from hotel).
Contro: Be clearer that this is not a friendly walk to the main location or the hotel and that it lines a park with homeless activity. Air didn't work either.
Posizione: Santa Barbara is incredible. Good thing my room wasn't great - kept me out and exploring! Lemonade from lemons, eh?
I didn't look closely enough when booking. I knew the Santa Barbara House was a second location, but didn't realize it would feel so much out of the loop. I arrived to the main Hyatt hotel - great location, pleasing staff. Then was advised that my place was a drive away, around the corner. I had to drive around to find it and call the Hyatt for more directions. The House appeared a wee bit worn on the exterior. It sits on a road near a park. There was trash and a filled shopping cart for a homeless resident. That's fine. But not at all expected for the rate. I didn't feel safe. I shared this w/ hotel and they offered me a free breakfast. I took them up on it. And learned in am that it was for buffet. I have allergies. This wasn't them going out of the way at all. Not a good way to make amends. The room overlooked the parking lot. I didn't feel safe taking a walk at night and because of time constraints drove to breakfast (before i knew it was buffet). I parked on road so as not to have to pay for parking or valet. Waiter barely served me when he saw that I had a free breakfast. I convinced him to get me the gluten free menu item. This made an otherwise lovely trip to Santa Barbara disappointing. I suppose it was a 3 star. It's just that I clearly didn't pay enough attention on the website and was swayed by the pictures.
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Data di pubblicazione: 20-feb-2016
The hotel is about three blocks away from the office. People kept coming to the door and did not know this. There is a phone number on the outside wall but no direct line. The noise from the nearby freeway, and train tracks was bad enough but the noise from the upstairs room and the noise from the front door kept us awake most of the night.
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Pointers for surviving

Data di pubblicazione: 8-feb-2016
Pro: Happy hour was great! Overall the pool and beach at the main hotel location almost make up for the distance and dingy conditions at the SB House
For the negative, I'll just give a few pointers... -High Five all the train passengers as they go by. - Don't plan on relaxing in the jacuzzi or pool after 10pm. Even on the weekend. And even if you have a large tab at the bar. They don't want your continued business. Nor do that want to enjoy the facilities. - Don't mind the rocket ship that seems to take off every once in awhile. It's just the upstairs neighbors flushing the toilet. - Speaking of neighbors, when the young men upstairs decide to start juggling bowling balls or a fist fight at 2:30am, don't fall back asleep too quickly because you may need to call repeatedly. - bring your flashlight. The walk to the main hotel from the SBHouse is dark, dirty and a little scary. - If the internet goes out, be prepared to practice patience. The official procedure is to call the front desk and they will tell you they will look into it. Wait 2 hours, call again. This time they tell you they are transferring you to IT. Only, IT is a trouble shooting call center. They will have you go thru and reset factory settings on your iPad. You then must call the front desk and explain that the router just needs to be reset by unplugging it. You also explain that you are on vacation and do not want the hassle of figuring out their internet or to have the iPad erased. They will tell you it's hotel policy. And the Internet will magically start working again.