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Nice room and location but...

Data di pubblicazione: 21-lug-2016
Pro: Rooms themselves, very updated and comfortable. Location to the water is excellent
Contro: Check in process and signage for sure
Posizione: We were there for a college visit and to eat at State Street. Both a reasonable drive
Once inside the building the room was quite nice and we were happy for what we paid. However, getting into the room was difficult and confusing. This is related to the Hyatt around the corner so you have to check in there which is either a 5 minute walk or a short drive but there are no signs telling you that when you drive in. The hotel is seperate from the main hotel, which is fine since you are paying less. They simply need to make that much much clearer.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da san francisco

Poor service

Data di pubblicazione: 18-lug-2016
Pro: Location
Contro: Better service and clean rooms
Posizione: Beach is nearby.
Really poor room. Outdated and dirty. Nice location but nowhere near worth the price.
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Shady hotel: keep away!

Data di pubblicazione: 17-lug-2016
- The hotel itself is shady--dirty and feels unsafe; the staff claims it was renovated in the last year...I don't think it has seen any paint in years... - The room looks nothing like the beautiful room in the picture: it was much shabbier, with loud construction noises. While it may be close to the ocean the view is of the roofs of dilapidated buildings. See attached photos. I ended up going to the Hyatt and paid an additional $100 to get a room in the Hyatt.
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Santa Barbara House - Do Not Recommend

Data di pubblicazione: 12-lug-2016
Pro: Expedia
The hotel is very old. No hot water, so could not shower and the room had not been clean. Ladies razor left in the bathtub and hair all over. The bedding equally disgusting.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Bay Area

Rooms and facilities in separate places!

Data di pubblicazione: 11-lug-2016
So this is part of the Hyatt and you need to check in over there but then drive a city block to a very nondescript, old building with just rooms. Nicely updated on the inside but old on the outside. You are allowed to use all the pretty facilities you see in the pictures but they are in the main structure. Feel it was not very honestly represented. Best part is it is walking distance to East Beach but be aware.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Atlanta

Fraudulent advertising. Bait and switch tactics

Data di pubblicazione: 8-lug-2016
Pro: Nothing, I refused to stay in the off-site building they attempted to put me in.
Contro: Correct advertising. Show the public the building they could be sent to prior to them arriving at the hotel.
Posizione: Again, if they advertised on their website the building they attempted to put me in, then they wouldn't book any customers, or would have to lower
After seeing the building they attempted to put me in, I cancelled my reservation. The building was not on the main property of the hotel. It was about 1/2 mile away in a dangerous part of town. I took photos of the building and surrounding area of this. When I told the manager I wasn't going to jeopardize the safety of my family, he said I could pay 80.00 more to stay at the main property. There were locks just to get into this particular building. I know why, as there were shady characters circling the building on foot as I were there. I felt threatened , and almost called 911. The photos of the hotel do show show or indicate this off-site location and building. I NEVER would have booked here if I saw this in any of the advertising. Its classic bait and switch advertising. The hotel wants you to pay more to stay in the location that is advertised. Or get stuck in the off-site location that is dangerous and looks similar to a Motel 6. I cancelled my reservation, and had to find another hotel at the last minute. I don't appreciate being put in this situation.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da C

A/C is loud

Data di pubblicazione: 3-lug-2016
A/C is very loud. No amenities at this location. No view except for room of apartments.
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Data di pubblicazione: 30-giu-2016
Zimmer schön. Haus von außen sehr abgenutzt. Service sehr gut
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Data di pubblicazione: 24-giu-2016
Pro: Nice upgrade rooms
Contro: Be honest about the bait and switch on the location and condition of the Santa Barbara House vs the main hotel
This hotel is a old facility near the freeway. Got the 40% off discount we know why. they show the nice main hotel near the water and then when you check in you drive a few blocks in an old area toward the freeway. Small parking lot, not very nice hotel. Very noisy with the freeway right there. Don't walk anywhere near this place, because there are homeless everywhere in the area.
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Data di pubblicazione: 22-giu-2016
I was there for a business trip. The room is as expected. Everything works pretty good. The staff is very friendly. Surrounding area doesn't have much to explore though. But on the bright side, it's very close to the beach (15 mins walking)