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di un viaggiatore verificato da Italy

very good, quite cheap.

Data di pubblicazione: 4-lug-2014
Pro: excellent staff.
Contro: breakfast.
Good price and good place for a night. Very gentle and avaliable staff. Not good breakfast (only continental food). Perfect for a night with family. Near various restaurants and markets.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da San Antonio, Tx

Bed bugs 2017

Data di pubblicazione: 8-giu-2017
Pro: the free breakfast & Cable
Contro: get rid of the carpet put down towel, get rid of the mattress or treat the mattresses with Lysol spray as a part of housekeeping dutys
Posizione: Hwy 170 was close and many restaurants.
the room that I got was downstairs, when I first entered the room I should have left because the carpet had permanent stains in it, that's normally a bad sign. I chose the first bed, the TV was unplugged but I didn't know that, so end up calling the manager, the clock on the nightstand didn't work. my first night I slept like a baby, air condition was great, got up next day and prepared for the funeral, that evening I noticed 3 tiny bits on both arms, but thought it was mosquito bites, after funeral I went out dancing until midnight, got back to the hotel showered and got back into the bed. by that morning I had additional tiny bites a total of 8 some on my thigh, some on my neck and on the other arm. when I checked out I told the lady that something bit me up, but she didn't do anything about it, I had paid in advance. I itched for the entire next week, especially on my neck where it looked like I had a hicky. The need to get rid of that bed its full of bedbugs, WoW I feel so violated.
Commenti Hotel
24-giu-2017 di Management, Hotel
Thank you for choosing super8. We appreciate you for taking time and giving us a feedback. We will pass your concern to our management staff as we always want to improve our service. We hope to see you again.
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per Tutti
di un viaggiatore verificato

Data di pubblicazione: 23-apr-2017
Pro: The bed was really nice and the room in general but I really liked the fact that there was a ceiling fan in the room. Was nice to have at night.
Contro: My only real complaint is the parking lot. Is on a hill and only one entrance, kind of hard to get into.
Posizione: Was located on a large commercial road and wasn't hard to access things to do and the highway as well.
Super comfortable bed, really friendly staff, good breakfast in the morning.
Commenti Hotel
25-apr-2017 di management , Hotel
Thank you so much for giving us a positive feedback. We will be looking forward to have you with us once again!
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di un viaggiatore verificato da California

A newer hotel in very poor condition

Data di pubblicazione: 13-apr-2017
This hotel was so bad I would not stay in it I cancelled my reservations when I saw the condition it was in and went to another hotel.
Commenti Hotel
19-apr-2017 di management , Hotel
Thank you for the feedback and we hope that you give us another chance as we always aim to improve. We apologize for any inconvenience we caused you.
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di un viaggiatore verificato

This place stinking dump.

Data di pubblicazione: 1-apr-2017
Don't ever go to this dirty trashy place. Stinks like a dirty ash tray.
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4-apr-2017 di management , Hotel
We are terribly sorry to hear about your experience with us. We will look in to the issues you have raised in our management meetings so guest can have pleasant stay with us. We thank you for the feedback.
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di un viaggiatore verificato

Data di pubblicazione: 24-mar-2017
Room was dirty and needs a lot of improvement, and breakfast was horrible.
Commenti Hotel
30-mar-2017 di management , Hotel
We are extremely sorry for your experience staying at our hotel. We will try best of the efforts to improve the quality and service so our guests can have a pleasant stay.
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di chris

Data di pubblicazione: 23-mar-2017 su Hotels
Commenti Hotel
30-mar-2017 di Chintan, Hotel
Thank you for the feedback!
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di William

not for business

Data di pubblicazione: 13-mar-2017 su Hotels
When we checked in the ice machine was out of order. I had to reconnect to the Wifi every time I used my computer. Breakfast was minimal
Commenti Hotel
18-mar-2017 di Chintan, Hotel
We are extremely sorry for the unfortunate experience you had with WiFi and ice machine, we appreciate your feedback and hope to see you again in future.
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di un viaggiatore verificato

Data di pubblicazione: 2-mar-2017 su Hotels
Commenti Hotel
21-mar-2017 di Chintan, Hotel
Thank you for staying with us and we will hope to see you in future!
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di un viaggiatore verificato

Below average stay

Data di pubblicazione: 27-feb-2017 su Hotels
The high point was at checkin when a woman wearing only a towel showed up to complain that the drain was clogged absin
Commenti Hotel
1-mar-2017 di General Manager, Hotel
we are sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. We will give best of our efforts to improve. Hope we see you again!