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di un viaggiatore verificato da Tampa

Nice but needs a little work

Data di pubblicazione: 14-mag-2016
It was nice, but needs a little work, especially in the bathroom. Some cracked tiles, and little holes in the wall. The room looked nice, the furniture a little old looking, but not ugly. Everything was nice and clean, new tv. Overall it's very good for the price.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Florida


Data di pubblicazione: 3-mag-2016
Pro: Nothing
Contro: Renovations.
Posizione: The Raymond James Stadium is near by. There is also a super Walmart down the street.
The pictures are an overstatement for the actual place. If I am paying hundreds of dollars a night to stay somewhere it needs to be comfortable, feel and smell clean and most of all have working amenities.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Nevada

Data di pubblicazione: 2-mag-2016
I needed a hotel that was close to the airport (since I was flying in late and leaving early the next morning) and had an airport shuttle. This hotel's description seemed to fit my requirements. The problem is that their shuttle service ends at 9 PM and doesn't start until 9 AM in the morning. This is not stated anywhere on Expedia or the hotel website (at least, not that I could find...perhaps it is in fine print somewhere). So this place was not a bargain once I added taxi fees to the cost. The building is a revamped motel, so other than the lobby, the rooms are accessed from the outside via the parking lot. When I checked in at 11:15 pm, the place was very quiet. Did not get to check out the pool. Rooms are clean and neat. The king bed was comfortable. If you need a no frills place, this would be good.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Tampa

Overall ok!

Data di pubblicazione: 1-mag-2016
Overall the hotel was ok and check in was easy! The room was nice for the price, but I did see a roach in the bathroom that kind of freaked me out! Also, the magnetic key stop working later that night. I returned to the hotel around 2:36am Ssturdy morning and found out the key did not work and I was like "fine sometimes these things act up" went to the front desk for the guy to reset the key he did and so I went back to my room to try and open the door again and it didn't work! Long story short 5 trips later back and forth to the front desk and having to watch the guy take the thing off the door so he could use a regular key to open the door we finally were able to get in the room around 3am! That morning, I told the lady about the inconvenience and she simply said "there's nothing I can do for you that the guy should of called maintenance and we don't discount rooms"! I never asked for a discount and she was so rude....very poor customer service! She did not even say sorry for the inconvenience or anything, so I asked for the manager and she gave me a card and said I could talk to the GM when she comes in Monday, but she is going to tell me the same thing she told me!
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di un viaggiatore verificato

Data di pubblicazione: 27-apr-2016
Great stay. Exercise room is nice, room is good. A bit noisy from the next room, but not the hotel's fault..
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Indiana

Beautiful building on the outside especially

Data di pubblicazione: 27-apr-2016
Pro: Good value in an area that did not seem dangerous.
Contro: Redecorating and modernizing.
The dining room open for breakfast was not attractive. One gets the feeling this used to be a fabulous place but is getting worn out now.
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di un viaggiatore verificato

Data di pubblicazione: 26-apr-2016
Property reminded me of a bad Vegas motel on spring break. Very noisy and loud at night. Kids doing "burn-outs" in the parking lot. You can't get to the pool because kids are dropped off there to party.
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di un viaggiatore verificato

A very depressing room

Data di pubblicazione: 25-apr-2016
We've stayed at the Tahitian in the past, but this time we were given room 130, which was directly across from mechanicals and the bar. The room was dark and dismal because the windows faced the wall for the mechanical area, the headboard of the bed was broken, the dresser in sad shape. The bathroom was clean but the hot water wasn't hot and the shower head barely sputtered water. Mostly what bothered me is why they would give anyone that room - the motel wasn't full. It was extremely noisy due to the ice machine behind the bed wall, and ice came crashing down several times a night. The room was sorely in need of a renovation. For the same rate, we stayed at a Fairfield Inn that was quite comfortable. I don't ever plan on staying at the Tahitian Inn again.
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di un viaggiatore verificato da Philadelphia, PA

Data di pubblicazione: 24-apr-2016
The front fest very informative, being that I was in Tampa for the week to house hunt
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di un viaggiatore verificato da PA

Centralized Tampa hotel

Data di pubblicazione: 21-apr-2016
Pro: The employee's, the Tiki Bar, the hotel bed, how it was set up, great location.
Contro: The bathroom needs looked at and renovated. The rooms need more lights, specifically near the mirrors.
Posizione: There were a lot of restaurants, bars and breweries. Right near the air port so that was a plus, too.
The employee's were all very nice. It was a fast and easy check-in, we got our room quick and the front desk workers were really informational about the Tampa and St. Petersburg area. Our room was near the tiki bar which was nice when we wanted to run down and grab a drink but it was loud when we were trying to sleep because the pool and the bar are open to the community. Our room was clean until we got to the bathroom. There was dirt and a used, dirty bath towel hanging on the back of the bathroom door. If you are clean and want to shower regularly, DO NOT come to this hotel. There was NO water pressure (it didn't even get the deodorant off of me) and the water was COLD. This is worst shower I have ever experienced. I had an interview and we threw the idea back and forth of loosing the night we paid for to go elsewhere just to get a good shower! It was also very dark inside. They need more lights. I could hardly see to do my make-up .. I don't do my make-up in the bathroom, I think that's gross. Other than that, the television was nice and so was the bed. It was comfortable. I really enjoyed the tiki bar. It was obviously over priced but the bartender, Mike, was 100% spot on! Super friendly, great service.